Agent Report Card

Agent Name


Agent made you feel welcome.


Sensitivity Agent had the ability to understand your travel request and was sensitive to your requirements.


Agent had the knowledge to perform your travel requests efficiently and skillfully.

Responsiveness/Extra Effort

Agent demonstrated extra effort in processing your travel requirements.

Agent Assessment Notes

Travel Report Card

Seat Assignments

Seat assignments were obtained to your satisfaction.

Airline Fares and Routings

Agent researched fares and routings and gave the best options.

Frequent Flyer Information

Agent asked for Frequent Flyer information or offered you the Frequent Flyer program.

Rental Car

Agent researched rental car options and reserved car correctly.

Hotel Selection

Agent researched hotel savings options and reserved room correctly.

Quantitative Assessment Notes

Did you take advantage of our Concierge Service?

For which services?

Did the service meet your expectations?

If not, why not?

Did you incur significant delay during your travel?

If yes, were we able to assist and how?

How important was our 24/7 service?

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Unbelievable Service

Unbelievable service is astonishingly fantastic. This is the level of service travelers can’t forget, the legendary treatment you can tell all your friends about.


Surprising Service

Surprising service is something special. It gives the traveler more than you expected. This is the service you enjoy and will come back to again and again.


Desired Service

Desired service is what you hoped for and prefer. You will do business with National Travel again because we did things for you just the way you like it.


Expected Service

Expected service is nothing special. It’s the average, the usual, the norm. You might come back to us, but only if no better options exist.


Basic Service

Basic service is disappointing. It’s the point where your frustration has turned into anger.


Not Applicable

When this service was not applicable to your review.